SolarWind Energy Systems, LLC was formed in 2014 by Jamie Lee Donaghe (Owner) and her Father JD Donaghe (General Manager) with a vision to help transform the entire nation by delivering affordable energy independence to every homeowner in America.

Our mission, our dream, our vision is for every American to have the security of owning their own alternative energy system for their entire home and energy needs.

To this end we have assembled the best equipment in the industry for Solar Water Heat Systems, Solar Pool Heat Equipment, Solar Air Conditioning / Heating Systems and multiple options for Solar Photo Voltaic Panels and Inverter combinations.

Then, we negotiated the best warranties and prices in the country to offer our clients a fair and honest cost plus 20% price on all of our Solar Energy Systems



Because we work hard for you...Our Motto is “Affordable Energy Independence” and our primary objective is to find the most affordable way to help convert our customers from high energy cost victims to energy independent home owners.

We take great pride in providing our customers with the most efficient, most effective and most dependable Solar Energy Equipment and Solar Panel Installations in the entire state of Texas at The Absolute Best Prices Available!!

Over the last 60 years, there have been many advancements in solar panel technology. The efficiency of photovalic cells (PV) have vastly improved. Just like computers have shunken from room filling tape drives to tiny hand-held devices, smaller and more efficient panels are now producing much more energy than ever before.